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Birthday special

You are celebrating your birthday and would like an extra birthday present? spoils you for your birthday! Come and relax in our thermal baths at a special price! 

There is more..

Not only you can enjoy the thermal baths for a day at the special price of 18 euros, but also 3 members of your family or friends can share this invigorating experience with you at the same, ultra friendly rate of 18 euros per person! The birthday boy or girl receives an extra gift: a goodie bag with 2 small products of our beauty brand Sirène.

Moreover, we spoil you with a heavenly Body Relax Massage of 25 minutes*! This under the condition that you take your birthday entrance at 18 euros on the same day.

Not valid on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. Not exchangeable, renewable or combinable with other actions.

How to register?

In order to receive a birthday email from on your big day, you need of course to register. Be sure to enter the correct date of birth, for at the reception they will ask for your identity card. Have you already registered but have not yet entered your birth date? Just go to 'newsletter', enter your email address, and click on ‘subscribe’. After that you can add your birth date and click on the ‘update’ button.


In order to be able to enjoy your birthday gift, you need to print out and bring your birthday email or show it on your smartphone. Be sure to bring along your identity card as well, since you will be asked to show it at reception. For your friends, the special offer is valid only if they arrive and leave together and appear on the same bill. The special offer is valid until 30 days after your birthday. Not valid on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. Not exchangeable, renewable or combinable with other actions.

Hereby a little bit more information!

Don’t miss out on whatever special offer we may have in store for you by subscribing to our newsletter and, in return, we shall email you on the day of your birthday! How to register?

Make sure that you subscribe prior to the big day itself! (E.g.: If your birthday happens to be on June 26, you will need to register on June 25 at the very latest to ensure that you receive your very own birthday email on June 26).

Enter your birthday correctly. For your information: if you have never entered your birthday details, your birthday will not feature on our birthday calendar even though you may very well be receiving our newsletters. To rectify that, simply visit our website and enter your date of birth.

You can only enter one birthday per email address. (E.g.: If Jan subscribed to our newsletter using as his email address, wife Mieke won’t be able to use that same email address again. Needless to say, Mieke can be registered under a different email address.) 

As a reminder: please make sure that you bring your birthday email (on smartphone or print) and identity card with you when you visit Thermae Boetfort or Thermae Grimbergen to avail of your birthday treat.

You have to be at least 18 years old to enjoy this action.

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25/12: closed
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