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In the vicinity of Brussels and Mechelen, in a small green village called Melsbroek, you can find our stylish thermal baths, installed in a unique location, the 400-year-old castle domain of Boetfort. It is a mix of historical heritage and wellness.

The diversity of the facilities is amazing. You can enjoy unlimited relaxation in the private and public saunas. You can unwind completely in one of our jacuzzis, swimming pools, relaxation areas, etc. or experience an Aufguss or singing bowl session before taking a stroll through the park, where nature will bring you absolute peace. 

Afterwards, you can enjoy delicious food and drinks at our à la carte restaurant, on the ground floor of our idyllic castle. Be sure to check out our daily dishes and suggestions. 

In addition, there’s always the possibility of booking a massage or beauty treatment to make your day complete at Thermae Boetfort. You can always call (+32(0)2 759 81 96) to ask for more information about our different kinds of packages.

Thermae Boetfort consists of two extensive sections. In the nude section, Moenia, you can enjoy the sauna, swimming pool and other facilities completely naked.

There’s also the second section, Curia, which is for sauna-goers wearing swimwear. 

Both sections have their own charm and are well worth a visit.

If you’re looking for a last minute idea, then Thermae Boetfort is perfect, because you don’t have to make a reservation. At the reception desk, they’re always happy to help you further and they’ll also look and see if there are any possibilities for a treatment/massage.

If this is your first sauna visit, then we’ll ask you to read our house rules in order to maintain the harmonious atmosphere of the thermal baths.

Thermae Boetfort: open every day from 10h30 until midnight.

During the Christmas holidays, we have different opening hours at Thermae Boetfort, which will both be communicated by mail and on the website.

Public saunas at Boetfort.

At Thermae Boetfort there’s a wide range of saunas, all varying in size and temperature, with something for everyone. These saunas go from 50 to even 90°C. Discover the different saunas at Boetfort and don’t hesitate to come and try them out.

In addition, Thermae Boetfort offers an extensive wellness program. Russian and other themed Aufguss sessions, singing bowl sessions and yoga are just a small part of our range. 

On our blog, you can find an article containing information about the ideal use of the sauna, interesting to read if you’re new to this world.

Certainly remember to subscribe to our newsletter. Then you will not only receive a wonderful birthday gift, but you will also be always up-to-date with the latest news, such as the next Aufguss weekends, the latest wellness facts, opening hours during the holidays, etc.

In the event of bad weather or thunderstorm, our park is closed for safety reasons. Thermae Boetfort cannot be held liable and does not commit to paying any damages.

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