At Thermae Boetfort, you can experience a genuine sauna experience thanks to the extensive activities programme. Every day there is a choice of Aufguss and scrubbing sessions to freely take part in.

There are Aufguss sessions in the different saunas, and scrubbing sessions in the steam bath. Both on weekdays as in weekends, they take place in the nude section and in the bathing suit section.

Our Aufguss specialists are always trying to improve by, amongst others, learning new waving techniques and by regularly changing the scents they use. In addition, there are special events every month, in which no challenge is too demanding. How about an Aufguss session with a black light show, live dancing during the session, or special mixed music?

Be sure to try our weekly Russian Aufguss with birch twigs or the crystal bowl Aufguss session. Every Sunday we call in a didgeridoo artist!

Thermae Boetfort regularly organises unique Aufguss weekends, during which our Aufguss specialists pamper you at special sessions. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed about all our events!

Daily Aufguss Sessions

During an Aufguss session, the specialist pours a mixture of water and essential oils on the hot stones. Because of the heat in the sauna, an insulating layer of air is created around your body. The Aufguss specialist vigorously waves a towel, blowing away that insulating layer. Result? You get a warmth boost and a true adrenaline kick.

  • At least four different Aufguss sessions per day.
  • The current schedule will be shown on the televisions in our wellness centre.
  • Be sure to cool down properly after every Aufguss session.
Dagelijkse opgietsessies

Russian Aufguss Session

A Russian Aufguss or banya session is an original Aufguss session with birch twigs. With the birch twigs, they softly pat you on the back to improve your blood circulation and the working of your organs. A unique experience!

Every Thursday at 20h00 in the hamam at Thermae Boetfort.

  • Different Aufguss specialists are present during this banya.
  • Be sure to be there in time, because seats are limited.
Russische Aufguss

Weekend Aufguss Sessions

On weekends, there is an additional scrubbing session in the nude section; the bathing suit section offers an Aufguss and a Scrubbing session. Would you like to be kept informed about our unique Aufguss weekends? Then subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook.

  • At 16h00 you can participate in a scrubbing session in the bathing suit section.
  • At 18h00 there is an Aufguss session in the Kelo Sauna in the bathing suit section.
  • At 18h30 there is an additional scrubbing session in the hammam of the nude section.
Opgietsessies in het weekend

Daily Scrubbing Sessions

Those who scrub on a regular basis keep their skin healthy. With a firm peeling, you remove the dead skin cells and your skin can regenerate better. You reduce impurities and imperfections of the skin, making it smooth and radiant again. Make your skin wet and gently rub it on your skin with soft, circular motions.

  • Every day, there are three scrubbing sessions at the steam bath.
  • You scrub your own body, making your skin look radiant again.
  • The Aufguss specialist waves a towel for an additional boost of warmth.
Dagelijkse scrubsessies


Yoga is a gentle and low-key means of body workout. Yoga postures make you consciously use all your muscles. Not only does it make for a suppler body, but you can also relax more easily. The yoga session in Thermae Boetfort takes 20 minutes and is at an easy level.

  • Every Tuesday at 20h00 at Thermae Boetfort.
  • In good weather, this takes place outside in the garden on the lawn.
  • In bad weather, we go the relaxation room in the garden.

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