3 x innovation

27 September 2017

Lily, our responsible for the beauty salon, is always looking for new treatments in order to offer our clients the very best quality. We will show you three innovative facial and body treatments:

1. Collagen mask based on vegetable stem cells

For this facial treatment, we use vegetable stem cells of the Uttwiler Spätlauber, a special, Suisse type of apple that can maintain its nice, firm shape for a very long time.

Lily: “Did you know a stem cell gets accustomed to any environment? That explains its healing effect: the stem cells activate the natural immune system of the skin, giving you a younger look.”

2. Facial treatment with cryo mask based on glacier water

Based on glacier water, the cryo mask feels soft and contains both allantoin and aloe vera to give your skin the energy boost it needs! For 50 minutes, you are being completely spoiled!

the hydrating effect of its cool mask!”

3. Facial and body treatment with Avena Sativa

During the treatment, we will take care of your body (using a nourishing body packing, hand mask and relaxing foot massage) as well as your face (using a lovely facial and head massage).

Lily: “Avena means healthy. The product contains oat extracts that will strengthen and calm your skin. Especially for Thermae.com, we will incorporate the product in an all round treatment for body and face.”