5 tips to happiness

27 September 2017

Increase your happiness using these 5 simple tricks!

  1. Enough sleep leads to a better mood. A dark, cool room with enough fresh air is an ideal environment for an excellent night's sleep.
  2. Go for the sun. If you see the sun appearing through the clouds outside, make time to enjoy it. We desperately need vitamin D to prevent depression.
  3. Hug your loved ones. Everybody needs a serious hug sometime. The warmth of a touch releases the hug hormone oxytocin, making you feel safe and cared for.
  4. Laugh. As much as you can! If you laugh you feel relaxed. It has also been proven that laughing lowers your blood pressure and your heartbeat. The effect of a laugh may even be compared to using ant depressives. Smile at people you don't know and they will smile at you. Search for the sound of a laughing baby on YouTube and that will definitely stimulate your laugh muscles.
  5. Shake all your muscles loose. A little dance, on the dance floor or while vacuuming, will release endorphins. And you know what: these are nature's painkillers for your brain. So turn on your favorite music!