Beauty products for men

27 December 2013

Previously, only women used to spend time choosing the right creams and cleansing lotions to pursue their ideal of beauty. But nowadays, more and more men can be found in the cosmetics department, in search of the perfect day and night creams and the best scrub for their skin type.

These days, men spend just as much time in the bathroom as their wives do. Daily cleansing after shaving, seeing if their eyebrows don’t need trimming, taking the time to get their hair in shape, this is no longer an unusual scenario. 

Beauty products for men are a booming business, but still there are some macho men who are not convinced of the usefulness of the different kinds of creams and scrubs.

Three reasons why men should also use beauty products.

1.         Men & Wrinkles

Even Brad Pitt will get wrinkles later in life. The ageing process for men starts at a later point in life than it does for women, because on average, the male skin is 20% thicker than the female skin. But once men start to get wrinkles, they will often be much deeper than is the case for women. Anti-aging products ‘to the rescue’ ... 

Using a deep cleansing foam gel with each shower, or a hydrating day and night cream can do miracles.

2.         Unwanted pimples

The male skin contains more sebaceous glands then the female skin, causing men to get pimples much faster. A simple solution for this is scrubbing regularly. This way you remove all dead skin cells and your skin looks much more radiant and vivid.

Here at Thermae we fight against acne, and a sauna session is not the only thing that will cleanse your pores. Even after a day at the sauna you can continue working on that refreshed skin at home; with our anti-acne gel for example, a cream packed with vitamin C. This will cleanse your skin and prevent unwanted pimples or help to eliminate them. 

3.         Shaving and facial products

Shaving requires a lot from your skin and may damage it. The best for your skin is a wet shave, and using aftershave afterwards. This will restore and calm your skin. The important thing is never to apply the aftershave directly after shaving, because the alcohol it contains could irritate and even dry out your skin. First you should rinse your skin with lukewarm water. After that you can apply the aftershave.

Ask at the reception for our aftershave, which is packed with natural ingredients. This will soothe your skin after each shave, reduce the redness and moisten your skin.