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Face mask on? Adapt your skincare regime!

 - Beauty

These days, face masks are everywhere. While some of us only wear a face mask to go to the shops, the rest of us have to wear one all day long at work. Unfortunately, this new ‘accessory’ isn’t always kind to our skin. We are happy to share our tips to make wearing a face mask a bit more bearable!

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Are sauna visits safe in coronavirus times?

 - Sauna experience

Maybe you have been wondering whether you can safely enjoy your sauna and wellness in these coronavirus times? Our answer is a resounding yes ! What’s more, together with Saunavereniging België, the Belgian sauna society, we developed the Safe Sauna label.

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Super affordable sauna vacation at Thermae Boetfort

 - Promo

Still have a few holidays left this September or October? Why not book a wonderful sauna vacation close to home to recharge your batteries? At Thermae Boetfort, you have a great choice of offers , whatever the season and we provide a number of affordable multiday packages all year round too. 

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