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Battle of the Box 2.0

 - Fitness

Hurrah! In the autumn, CrossFit Merchtem is organising its second CrossFit competition, "Battle of the Box", and it’s just for members! We will start with a number of tough Qualifiers that will be running from 2 to 15 August 2021...

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New: CrossFit Kids & Teens

 - Fitness

You heard it here first! We are about to extend the timetable to include group lessons for boys! So what can you expect from this sort of kids class? There'll be no heavy dumbbells or kettlebells – it's all about getting together and enjoying themselves in a safe manner. 

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CrossFit vocab

 - General

WOD, AMRAP, EMOM … Are you familiar with the lingo (read: acronyms) or is this complete gibberish to you? Don’t worry if it is, we’ve got you covered!

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