Visit our public thermal baths without reservation!



It is no longer mandatory to reserve an entry in advance. The government told us so earlier this week. Therefore, we chose to stop with the online and telephone reservations of a simple access to the thermal baths.

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This means that you can choose between the opening hours when you come to our thermal baths. This applies both to customers with or without a multi-visit pass or subscription.

Please note: this is only for an entrance to the public thermal baths. If you wish to book a hotel room, massage, treatment or private sauna, you still need to book this in advance. The private saunas can still be booked online. Massages, treatments and hotel rooms can be booked by telephone: 02 270 81 96. Bongo/Vivabox/Cera and Flair must also be booked by telephone.

Do you already have a reservation in the near future? Don't worry, your place is still reserved for that day!

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