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Enjoy during the entire month of September, as an existing member, our bring a friend promotion and get two months free!

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Working out in pairs has a lot of advantages! We list some of them for you below:

1. A buddy can motivate you when you really don't feel like hitting the gym. You're more likely to go because you don't want to disappoint the other person. You're also more likely to finish your workout. When you feel like quitting, your buddy can give you the push you need to see it through.

2. According to scientific research at Oxford University, people who work out with a buddy produce more endorphins. These are natural painkillers, which means you’re more likely to perform better in a group than alone.

3. Couples that work out together turn out to be happier. Exercise strengthens your emotional bond and makes you more physically attracted to your partner. In other words: your partner may just be your perfect workout buddy!

If you convince a friend, family member or your partner to join you in your sport adventures then you will receive two months for free as an existing member!

More info and conditions:

- Promotion valid from 01/09/2021 until 30/09/2021.
- By new member we mean someone who has never been a member of the club before.
- If the new member signs up for 12 months, the existing member will receive 2 months for free. Promotion only valid with Full annual subscriptions. If you bring in a member who signs up for a Day or Student annual subscription, you will receive 1 month free as an existing member.

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