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That smoking is bad for your health is old news, of course. And yes, giving up smoking is not easy, but halotherapy may help.

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Smoking causes (chronic) inflammation of and damage to your airways. This even leads to a narrowing of your airways, so you end up with a smoker’s cough and have more difficulty coughing up phlegm from your lungs. Here’s where salt therapy may help. It’s a 100% natural therapy during which you relax on a lounger in a room covered from floor to ceiling in mineral salts. During the session, salt is also dispersed in the room. Halotherapy has an anti-inflammatory effect and makes is easier to clear phlegm from your lungs, helping you breathe better. But how does this benefit you when you give up smoking? The fact that your lungs clear up and become cleaner more quickly means you also feel fitter and better sooner and have to cough less. It’s quite common for people who give up smoking to actually start coughing more during the first few weeks of quitting because all the nasty toxins are being cleared from their lungs. Thanks to halotherapy, this annoying side effect is over more quickly.

Incidentally, salt therapy also boosts your immune system, making you less susceptible to illness. So, this, too, helps because people who give up smoking are more likely to suffer from respiratory infections in the first few weeks of quitting.

And, because your lungs feel totally clean again, you will feel less inclined to grab a cigarette. 

Have you tried halotherapy yet? Both at Thermae Boetfort and Thermae Grimbergen, you can take part in a session for free from Monday to Friday. You do need to register at reception, though, as spaces are limited.

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