Our favourite cocktails


A delicious cocktail always goes down well in the summer. We offer a great selection of cocktails and mocktails at our bar. And, with our barman Corneliu’s two favourite recipes, you can also enjoy a tasty drink at home.

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Blue Hawaiian (with alcohol)

Mix 5cl of rum with 20cl of Blue Curaçao in a big glass. Add a generous dash of coconut syrup, a few ice cubes, a little bit of cream, and top up with pineapple juice.

Strawberry Mojito (alcohol-free)

Place the juice of one lime and a few mint leaves in a glass. Crush the leaves with a muddler to really blend the flavours. Add five pureed strawberries, a few ice cubes and top up with sparkling water. Not quite sweet enough for you? Add a little cane sugar or sugar syrup.

Come and discover our other summer cocktails at the bar in the nude section or in the restaurant on the ground floor of the castle!

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