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UPDATE: From April 26, you can enjoy a relaxing massage at Thermae Boetfort from Friday to Monday in the beauty institute, spend the night at Thermae Boetfort Hotel and on those days our private saunas Lagoon and Zen are also available for rent. As long as the public baths are closed, the bathing suit area and parts of the nude area are also available for rent as private saunas Back to the garden, Back to the castle and Back to the source.

At Thermae Grimbergen the hotel, beauty institute and private saunas are open 7 days a week. On top of our traditional private saunas Cleopatra and Yasmine, there, too, the public baths were provisionally converted into unique private saunas Back to nature, Back to relax and Back to wellness.

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On Wednesday 28 October at 11 pm, we had to close the doors of our sauna and wellness for a second time because of the measures taken by the government in connection with the fight against Corona. Our Thermae Grimbergen Hotel and Thermae Boetfort Hotel are open. Hotel guests can enjoy breakfast. The private saunas are also open in both centers. In both Thermae Boetfort and Thermae Grimbergen, the beauty institute and the public baths are closed.

I want to book an overnight stay, is this possible?

Yes, both our hotels are open. Thermae Grimbergen Hotel welcomes you any day of the week, Thermae Boetfort Hotel is open from Friday to Monday. Breakfast is included, served in your room. We also provide several, delicious daily specials to strengthen the inner man. Massages and beauty treatments are allowed again starting April 26, 7 days a week in Thermae Grimbergen. At Thermae Boetfort, you can book only massages from Friday to Monday. Our public thermal baths are momentarily still closed.

I have made a reservation with you by phone, which has not yet been paid. What now?

Your reservation has been automatically cancelled. Please do not contact us about this.

I have made a reservation online and have already paid. What now?

Your reservation has been cancelled. Your confirmation email counts as a gift voucher valid for one year from reopening. As soon as we open again, you can make a new reservation and use this gift voucher. Please bring the confirmation email as proof. It is sadly not possible, both financially and practically, to refund all payments already made.

I have a membership card or a multi-visit pass, what now?

Your membership card is automatically extended with the duration of the closure. The multi-visit passes are valid indefinitely, so you can use them again after the reopening.

My gift voucher expires during your closure, what now?

The period of validity is automatically extended with the duration of the closure. Please do not contact us about this.

It is my birthday during your closure, what will happen with the birthday promotion?

Don’t worry, its validity will definitely be extended so that you can come and relax at our green wellness centres estates very soon. The moment the government measures are cancelled and we are able to open our doors to you again, we will let you know. There is no need to email us in the meantime. Want to stay up-to-date with what we are up to? Follow our social media channels for the latest news and subscribe to our newsletter or visit our website.

If you still have questions, mail to and we will answer you as soon as possible. The response time may currently be slightly longer than you are used to from us, thank you for your understanding.

Take care of yourself and each other, hope to see you soon!

As a result of the government changing the coronavirus measures, the above info may no longer be up-to-date. This article was posted on 28/10/2020 and will be amended as soon as possible following any new changes.

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