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Dive into our wonderful world of sauna and wellness, and enjoy it all in safety! Thermae Boetfort is committed every day to offering you a safe and relaxing sauna visit.

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What we do:

  • We ask you to book (online) in advance. In this way, contact with our staff during check-in and check-out is minimal.
  • We scan your identity card during check-in and also ask for your telephone number and e-mail address. We are obliged to keep this data for contact tracing.
  • We work according to a maximum capacity. In this way we ensure that everyone in our thermal baths has enough space to keep their distance, while enjoying our various facilities to the maximum.
  • For the same reasons we work with time slots of five hours.
  • Our reception staff sit behind a Plexiglass screen and if a safe distance cannot be guaranteed, they will put on a face mask. They have been briefed extensively on the coronavirus measures.
  • All contact-sensitive surfaces are disinfected frequently.
  • The jacuzzis, steam baths and the swimming pool can only be used with your social bubble and must be booked on site. Our water has been treated with chlorine.
  • There’s a constant supply of fresh air in the dressing room.
  • The temperature of our saunas is high, making it impossible for the virus to survive. In addition, we installed extra bubble saunas, which you have to book on the spot and which can only be used together with your own social bubble.
  • We are providing an adapted experience program with scents and singing bowls. Relaxing exercise sessions are also organised daily.
  • At the restaurant, you will be assigned a table by our staff. The traditional menu has been replaced by a paper menu which will be replaced after each use. The tables, chairs and other surfaces are disinfected frequently. Our waiting staff is wearing face masks.
  • At the Beauty Clinic, our staff are wearing face masks too, and even a face shield during the facial treatments. The cabins and the equipment used are thoroughly disinfected after each session.

What we’d like to ask from you:

  • Wear a face mask when required: at the reception when checking in and checking out, in the dressing room when changing, when you move around at the bar and restaurant, in the waiting room, and during your treatment at the Beauty Clinic.
  • Respect the social distancing rules and the circulation plan.
  • Wash and disinfect your hands regularly.
  • Respect your arrival and departure times. We work with time slots of five hours to ensure social distancing and our maximum capacity. If you wish to book your restaurant visit or your treatment at our beauty institute just before or after your visit to our thermal baths, you can do so. Ask our staff about the options when making your reservation.
  • If you feel sick, you should postpone your visit.

Read our coronavirus info page here.

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