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All visits to our sauna and wellness centre must now be booked in advance, as part of the recent coronavirus measures we have had to put in place. Booking is easy, though. Simply click on the blue button at the top right of the page. 

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First, select which sauna you want to visit: the public baths or a private sauna. If you have selected the public baths, you will then be asked to select a regular entry (five hours) or one of our offers.

Next, select the number of people in your party. Currently, you can only book for four people maximum at a time. Select your preferred date and click on five hours under time slots. You will see the available options displayed below.

If you selected the private sauna option in step one, you will then have to select either the Lagoon or Zen private sauna. The former has been decorated as an exotic paradise and the latter has a clean-lined, white decor. The facilities are the same, with a swimming pool with built-in Jacuzzi, a steam bath, a sauna, an infrared sauna and relaxation facilities in both units.

Next, select how many people are in your party, what date you want to visit and whether you want to book a two- or three-hour private sauna session. You will then see all the available booking slots listed.


If you want to book a different treatment or special, please contact us by telephone.

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