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2020 Bucket List

 - Sauna experience

Made a long list of New Year’s resolutions for 2020? Does it include more time to yourself, a healthier diet etc? 

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Free session: Halo therapy

 - Health

The salt room also features a unique, healing microclimate. The walls, ceiling and floors are covered with mineral salt stones and salt grains from the Himalayas using combinations of different types of salt.

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New: Zen session with singing bowls

 - Sauna experience

There is a new addition – organised twice a day – to our daily wellness programme: the Relaxession. This is a ca. 15-minute session in the relaxation area above the Silence Bar (in the nude section of Thermae Boetfort) or in the Tibetsauna (in the nude section of Thermae Grimbergen).

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Hide dark under-eye circles

 - Beauty

The skin under your eyes is very thin, because it contains no fat tissue. When you have had too much to drink or haven’t had enough sleep, for instance, your blood flows more slowly and is darker in colour.

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