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Increase your productivity

 - Business

Being busy all the time doesn’t necessarily mean increased productivity. In fact, the opposite is true. Anyone who makes a few smart changes to their everyday (working) life, ends up having more free time and gets more done at that. We are happy to give you some pointers.

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Etiquette in the sauna

 - Sauna experience

There are a few unwritten rules that ensure everyone enjoys their sauna visit. This includes leaving your mobile phone at home or in your locker . That way, you, and the other sauna visitors, won’t get disturbed.

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Digital detox

 - Sauna experience

We all know that being online and being digitally available all the time is not good for us, and yet, we keep doing it. Checking WhatsApp every few minutes, logging into Facebook anywhere and everywhere, taking constant selfies for Instagram ... Does this sound familiar? If yes, it’s time for a digital detox!

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What is sound healing?

 - Aufguss

Everyone knows that music can put you in the right mood. But did you know that music also heals? In America, the latest wellness trend is the sound bath. At, we have been working with music for quite a while, with different frequencies. An example of this are our Aufguss sessions with singing bowls and didgeridoo. But what exactly does this do?

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Addicted to lip balm?

 - Beauty

Do you also carry lip balm around with you all winter? You are not alone; it seems there are lots of ‘addicts’. Here are five things you may not have known about lip balm.

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