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What to do with your gift vouchers, memberships etc.?

 - Sauna experience

Do you have a gift voucher, membership or birthday code you can’t use at the moment? Don’t worry, its validity will definitely be extended so that you can come and relax at our green wellness estates very soon.

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Rent a wellness centre

 - Sauna experience

Do you feel like enjoying the sauna and wellness, but would rather not do it publicly, surrounded by strangers? Book a private sauna, and you rent a wellness centre all to yourself!

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Mindful vs. full mind

 - Business

Have you ever consciously thought about how you arrive at work in the morning? How you never even noticed that an entire hour has just gone by? How you just stare into the void when you are stuck in traffic on your way to work? Or how you are so caught up in your own ideas that you miss the bigger picture during a meeting?

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Keep a daily sleep diary

 - Health

One in five Belgian people has trouble sleeping. Those aged between 25 and 30 sleep the worst. Why? Being constantly available is making us all stressed. It’s an affliction that has even been given its own name: Social Media Stress. And, what’s the biggest enemy of sleep? You guessed it, stress! But that’s not all, exposure to blue light also keeps you awake.

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