Breathe yourself to health

22 November 2018

Visit the brand-new salt room at Thermae Boetfort and discover the healing effects of salt!  

During your 50-minute Halo Therapy session, you’ll enjoy three healing treatments in the salt chamber: 

  • Infrared therapy; 
  • Salt therapy; 
  • A singing bowl session. 

Far infrared therapy ensures that the entire salt room is warm. This therapy gently raises your body temperature, stimulating blood circulation, decreasing muscle tension and improving skin elasticity. 

The entire salt chamber is covered with mineral salt stones and salt grains from the Himalayas, creating a therapeutic microclimate. Medical salt is also sprayed into the room during your session. Thus, halotherapy is the use of dry salt spray as a treatment for breathing problems and skin problems/irritation. 

Sound, the third element, has a major effect on your body and mind. Whether you know it or not, your body responds to sound and vibration. During a singing bowl session, the different sounds help you let go of what’s on your mind. In short, fully breaking the flow of thoughts does wonders for your stress levels.