Diabetics in the sauna?

08 June 2011

Can a diabetic go to the sauna? This question is often asked. The answer in most cases is: yes, absolutely!

What is more, diabetics often suffer from arteriosclerosis, and going regularly to the sauna makes your blood vessels and veins more supple, thereby reducing the chances of a hardening of the arteries. You do need to check your blood sugar levels, for these can fluctuate as a result of the sauna. So be prepared for a visit to the sauna. Those who use an insulin pump should be careful, for the heat in the sauna can affect the insulin so that it may no longer work. It is thus not advisable to take the pump into the sauna.

Take care when cooling off as well: a good cooling off period is important! Be careful when drying off, being especially attentive to drying your feet thoroughly.

Naturally, going to the sauna will not cure you. But having diabetes does not mean that you can't enjoy this wonderful experience of wellness!

To be on the safe side, contact your doctor for more information before your sauna visit.