Fact or fairytale?

27 September 2017

You probably have heard the facts or fairy tales below from reliable sources. But are they really real? Or are they urban legends? We like to tell you!

1.     You absolutely must dry off before the sauna

FACT: People who don't dry themselves off, cannot sweat well. And sweating is the very purpose of a sauna. Sweating opens the pores and thoroughly cleans your skin. In addition, it isn't nice for visitors who have to sit on the soaking wet bench that you leave behind. Therefore, don't forget to sit on a towel in the sauna!

2.     Being naked or wearing a swimsuit in the sauna has the same result

FAIRY TALE: Real 'saun-istas' prefer to be naked in the sauna. This allows your body to better cool down. In addition, it is also more hygienic: after all, your sweat stays in your bathing suit.

3.     There are dry and wet saunas

FACT: That is correct: there are saunas with a high humidity and dry saunas. The lower the humidity, the easier it is to keep going. That is why you can often stay longer in a 90 degree (Celsius) Finnish sauna than in a 50 degree (Celsius) steam bath.

4.     Lying down is better than sitting up

FAIRY TALE: Lying or sitting, it doesn't make much of a difference. But where you sit in the sauna does make a difference. The higher you sit, the warmer you will be, if you sit lower, the lower the effect. So, if you are a beginner, start on the lowest bench. It is also important that if you lie down in the sauna, you should sit up straight for a moment before you leave the sauna. That restarts your circulation and it avoids dizziness when you make the sudden movement from lying to sitting.