Five health benefits

22 January 2018

Did you know that people who regularly relax in the sauna (two to three times/week) are 22% less likely to have a heart attack? And that’s not the only benefit the sauna has to offer! Please find the five most important benefits below: 

1. De-stress 

Nothing is more relaxing than a day of wellness. A blissful spell of dolce far niente will put your mind at ease, offering you the opportunity to let go of all your stress. 

2. Detox 

A sauna session is a natural way to detoxify your body. When you sweat, our body cleanses itself by discharging all harmful waste and toxins. Your pores are wide open, ensuring an optimal removal of impurities.  

3. Boosts your immune system  

The high temperatures during a sauna session can make our body temperature go up to 38°C - a kind of ‘fake fever’ -  which gives our immune system a natural boost.  

4. Stimulates the blood circulation  

The heat of the sauna expands the blood vessels and increases the heartbeat up to 75%, which is comparable to a round of jogging or a couple of laps in the swimming pool. The heat of the sauna also widens your blood vessels and ensures a better blood flow and oxygen supply. 

5. Can remedy muscle aches  

The heat also makes the muscles more supple, helping to relieve chronic muscle aches. It helps your muscles to relax, causing the fatigue to disappear. 

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