High and low blood pressure

01 July 2012

High blood pressure

While your body is cooling down, your blood vessels start to narrow or may even close , which means that your blood pressure will rise and become even higher than it would normally be. Some prudence is therefore in order! Don’t jump into the cold plunge pool straight away but cool your body down under a lukewarm shower instead and leave plenty of time in between two sauna sessions.

Low blood pressure

People suffering from low blood pressure need to take extra care while warming up. The heat causes the blood vessels to enlarge, with the result that your blood pressure will drop. Don’t spend too long on the highest bench in the sauna, for that is where the ambient temperature is at its highest. Opt for the lowest bench instead and don’t stay in the sauna for too long. As a spell in the jacuzzi may cause dizziness, it is advisable that you limit your session in the whirlpool tub to a maximum of five minutes.

To be on the safe side, we would recommend that you talk to your physician before visiting the sauna.