“I am almost never ill"

11 September 2017

Anyone who regularly visits Thermae Boetfort has met Hannes, one of our permanent sauna meisters. Apart from the different Aufguss sessions he has many other responsibilities. He is responsible for the tranquillity and order in the baths, he keeps an eye on the quality and the temperature of the water and the saunas and he takes care of a lot of technical aspects of our baths.

Hannes : Apart from my job as sauna master I am also training to be a voluntary fireman.  “I do this for various reasons. I am not really an early bird and my shifts start either at 10.00 or 17.00, ideal in other words! You have a lot of freedom here, the bosses are not always checking up on you which is great. Thirdly: most customers come here to relax and you get to know the regular customers after a while, so you can have a ‘nice chat’. After an Aufguss session you get a round of applause which is very satisfying. Moreover, I have been working here for two years now and I am almost never ill, so the heat must do some good to your body (laughs).” Hannes' favourite sauna is also the Mine Sauna, mostly because of its size: “the more people, the more fun” he decides.