Lava Shell Massage

23 May 2011

Lava Shell are 100% natural, polished shell which contain gel based lavaminerals. Thanks to this lavagel a natural, thermal reaction lets you enjoy a delicious and warm massage where all stress get's massaged away both manually and with the shells. The calming effect harmonises every organism.

De different "parts" of the body are worked on in 3 different ways; with the hinge, the spherical and the upper side of the shell, each very good for a particular manipulation.

The hinge is used to massage muscle knots. Especially for handpalms, soles, the lower back, etc.
The spherical part of the shell takes care of soft friction on calves, thighs, forarms, spine and around the neck.
The upper side of the shell gets applied to the back, around the shoulderblades and to massage the back of the leggs.