More than just saunas

21 February 2019

Everyone knows by now that you can enjoy wonderful saunas and wellness treatments at our stunning castle estate. But Thermae Boetfort offers so much more than that! We have a whole range of special wellness rituals for you to explore!

Daily Aufguss programme

An Aufguss session is a definite must-try! The Aufguss master turns up the heat in the sauna by pouring water on the stones and wafting the air with a towel. This gives you a real adrenaline boost and makes your sauna experience extra enjoyable. We, for one, are big fans!

During a scrub session, the Aufguss master gives you salt to scrub your body with, which makes your skin feel wonderfully soft. The Aufguss master wafts the air with a towel here too. The relatively lower temperature in the steam bath makes this the perfect way to enjoy your first Aufguss experience!

Every day, there are four different scrub sessions and five Aufguss sessions. Two of these always take place in the swimwear section, the other sessions are in the nude section.

At weekends, we organise an extra scrub and Aufguss session in the swimwear section.

Extra sessions

Every week, we organise quite a lot of extra sessions. These include the Russian banya ritual with birch twigs at the hammam on Thursday evening (at 20:00) and the Aufguss with singing bowls and didgeridoo in the Salt Stone Sauna on Sunday evening (at 20:30). Every singing bowl makes a unique sound and you can feel the vibrations throughout your body. And those of the didgeridoo, too, of course.

Something completely different is the yoga session on Tuesdays. You can join this class in the relaxation area in the garden of the nude section. It is a relaxing, gentle session, so you don’t have to be an experienced yogi to take part.

Massages and more

Our treatment menu also features quite a lot of great wellness rituals. How about floating on salt water during the floating session? Extremely calming, plus it does wonders for your skin! More into baths? Enjoy the royal luxury of essential oils in the Queen’s bath or have a cosy soak in the big wine barrel bath with your partner. Both of these are combined with infrared therapy.

Or maybe you would like to try our do-it-yourself peeling with the Kasbah therapy? You (and your partner or (girl)friends) sit in a private steam bath and are given the necessary products for a deep-cleansing body peeling. Afterwards, your skin will feel silky smooth and you will be totally relaxed.

And finally, our latest ritual: halotherapy. This takes place in a unique salt room you share with maximum 16 people. The walls, floor and ceiling all consist of mineral salt, and medicinal salt is also dispersed in the room. You can lie down and enjoy a body scan with singing bowls, a moment of complete relaxation.

We also offer a wide range of massages!