Men also deserve care!

09 February 2017

People who say ‘beauty treatment’ say ‘women!’ But is this really justified? Research shows that the male skin is on average 20% thicker than that of a woman. The hormone testosterone causes men to produce sebum in larger quantities then women. Sebum makes the skin greasier, and as a result, men are more likely to suffer from pimples and blackheads. In addition to the higher levels of sebum in proportion to women, men will also produce more sweat, causing the male skin to fluctuate more between two extremes, from a greasy skin to a greatly dehydrated skin. As if that were not enough, most men opt to shave daily. Especially after shaving with a razor blade, the skin may exhibit irritation.   

So, is a facial treatment only for women? Obviously not. You might even say that a man’s skin needs just as much care and attention, if not more, than the skin of a woman.

Men are also welcome to customised facial treatment, with adapted products especially designed for the male skin. You can enjoy a treatment of 25 minutes, during which your skin will be deeply cleansed with cleansing milk and lotion. Afterwards, all the dead skin cells will be removed by means of a facial peeling. Finally, a hydrating gel mask will be applied, while your head is blissfully massaged. Not convinced yet? Then opt for a more extensive facial treatment, during which your skin will be pampered even more with a cleansing clay mask. The peeling will be performed with lavender and lemon extracts, which cleanses even better and hydrates even more. You enjoy an extra-long massage with a hydration lotion. If you want to give your skin the ultimate treatment, we recommend the 80-minute super facial treatment. In addition to the extra-long massage, your face will also be treated with a vapozone, after which the comedones will vanish completely.