Special offer: 80-minute deluxe anti-ageing facial treatment

    Your skin is subjected to all kinds of aggressors on a daily basis. Tiredness, fatty foods, the cold, air pollution, free radicals, stress, it all has a negative effect on the skin and accelerates the ageing process. With our latest anti-ageing facial treatment, we help protect your skin against these aggressors and restore itself more quickly.

    The treatment consists of: - a superficial skin cleanse with a cleansing milk and lotion, - a deep cleanse with peeling and face mask, - nourishing your skin with a facial mask, massage and day cream.

    Cryopeeling: This professional grain peeling not only removes dead skin cells but also boosts your skin, reducing blemishes, tightening pores and producing a visibly clearer skin.

    Warm algae mask with charcoal extracts: The warmth is not only wonderfully relaxing, but also opens your pores so that they can be cleansed more thoroughly. At the same time, it stimulates your skin to better absorb the products used. Algae are packed with vitamins and minerals.

    The result? Thanks to this exclusive treatment your skin is given a real boost. - Your skin is better protected against UV radiation. - Your skin’s own protective barrier is strengthened. -- Skin ageing is slowed down. - Your skin gets a real hydration boost. - Collagen production is boosted, improving skin elasticity. - Blood flow is improved, resulting in more oxygen and nutrients being supplied to your skin cells.

    This treatment lasts 80 minutes and is suitable for all skin types. Eyebrow shaping, chin and upper lip hair removal can also be included if so desired. Please let your beauty therapist know at the start of the treatment what facial hair you wish to have removed. You can book this offer from 10/1 to 10/3 at the amazing launch price of 75 euros. This offer is valid from Monday to Friday only, so not during weekends. It is not valid during school or public holidays. This offer is not available to buy as a gift voucher.

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