"Push your body to the limit"

24 March 2011

Kevin is one of our permanent sauna meisters. He gives all of himself during every Aufguss session to give customers a unique experience. His sessions are well known to our regular customers! Apart from the Aufguss session he has many other responsibilities:  he regularly makes a tour of the baths to keep an eye on the order and cleanliness, he checks the quality of the water and is responsible for the technical side of things. He will tell you more about what he does!

Kevin: “My favourite Aufguss session is at 22.15 in the ‘Ice Cave Sauna’. Because this is a smaller sauna it is a session with a smaller group which automatically creates a warm atmosphere. We also give people a cup of mint tea during the Aufguss to totally relax. For me it is the perfect way to end your day”, he says. “I give myself totally during every Aufguss session, you have to push your body to the limit in this heat. I try to explain everything to people with the occasional joke. The round of applause you get after every successful Aufguss is great. And just like Hannes, ever since I've worked here I have not been ill. Maybe it is because of the sauna?” concludes Kevin.