Sauna schedule step-by-step

30 May 2018

STEP 1: Take a shower  

Those who enter the sauna with a clean body are much better equipped to enjoy the benefits of the heat session. So be sure to take a hot shower on arrival and after each use of the toilet and dry off well before entering the sauna. 


STEP 2: Warm up 

Start your visit with a hot foot bath or five minutes in the jacuzzi. This way you can warm up gradually and prepare your body for the hot sauna. 


STEP 3: Sauna  

Enjoy the sauna for about 10 minutes. The benches in the higher areas are the hottest. Make sure your body rests entirely on a towel. Try to sit upright for the last few minutes to get your blood circulation going again. 


STEP 4: Cool down  

For cooling down, you should take the same amount of time you spent in the hot sauna. Take a walk in the open air, take nice long breaths. Rinse your body under the cold shower, all the way from your feet to your head. Real daredevils then take a dip into the cold plunge pool. 


STEP 5: Rest 

Your body needs at least fifteen minutes of rest. Relax on one of the lounge beds in the sun or in one of our atmospheric relaxation rooms. Read a book, take a stroll or dream away. Resting is an important part of the sauna visit. When your body is rested, you can start with STEP 2 again.