"Shivers down your spine"

16 June 2014

Michaël is one of our Aufguss masters. We asked him for a more explanation: a really good Aufguss, what is that according to you? He loves to tell you!

"The first waving must send shivers down your spine."

Something I find very important for an Aufguss is that the session is adapted to the client. During my Aufguss sessions I try to make every session a new sensation for the client. Every Aufguss is different. I watch the clients' reactions and try to immediately respond with the correct force of with which you wave.

A good buildup works miracles! The first waving must send shivers down your spine. Next, I try to maintain this effect for as long as possible. When you do this well, you'll see smiles appear on peoples' faces. A joke once in a while also makes that the clients can fully enjoy the session.

And then we arrive at the grand finale. For me, this must be a moment that astounds everyone. Everybody pushes his/her body to the utmost and just before the clients reach their limit, I end the session. The more smiling faces I see after the session, the happier I am.