“A successful Aufguss”

07 March 2012

Especially for this festive edition of our magazine we introduce our handsome sauna attendants! Every day they do their best to pamper you with different Aufguss and scrub sessions. They also make sure the baths are always clean, give directions to visitors, answer all kinds of questions, check the waters several times a day, clean the private sauna and so much more... It is a demanding job these boys carry out with pleasure!

Lenny : “I got to know the boss through his brother. We were at the same gym. One day he asked if I didn't want to be a sauna master” answers Lenny to the question how he ended up at Thermae. “I don't really have a favourite Aufguss session, every Aufguss has its charm, but if I really have to choose, I'll go for the Mine Sauna because ... . What I really like about the job is the contact with the people and the variety. You also get a lot of exercise and an Aufguss session takes it out of you. The beautiful surroundings and the compliments after a successful Aufguss are a nice bonus of course!” laughs Lenny.