Celluless 50'

  • € 55,00 (p.p.)

Cellulitis occurs when the subcutaneous tissue becomes more soft and loose, causing fat cells to cluster, forming bumps and pits on the skin surface. Let’s call it orange-peel skin. Do you recognise it? CelluLess offers a solution. The treatment starts with a short wrap to influence your skin, after which a firm, deep rolling massage is performed with the CelluLess device to unclutter the fat cells, followed by a lymphatic drainage to better dispose of the waste materials.

Repeated treatments are necessary for a long-lasting effect. Our beauticians will gladly provide more information! There are also cards for 5 or 10 treatments available at an attractive price.

A session lasts 50 minutes.

15% discount on all Beauty Clinic treatments, exclusively valid on weekdays during the month of October.

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