What is a sheet mask?

03 January 2019

Like so many other great beauty trends, sheet masks have come over from Asia, where hydrating your skin with a thin cloth is a popular beauty practice. The name is misleading, though, because a sheet mask isn’t an actual mask. It is a thin bio-cellulose cloth infused with a hydrating serum. Enjoy fifteen minutes of blissful, relaxing me-time. A lovely little moment of mindfulness!

How do you apply it?

It is best to start at your forehead and work your way down, pressing the sheet mask onto your skin as smoothly as possible to avoid trapping air bubbles between your skin and the sheet. With holes for your eyes, nose and mouth, you can still see and breathe while wearing the mask. The idea is to allow the sheet mask to work its magic for fifteen minutes and then remove it. You can massage any remaining product into your skin afterwards, making sure not to forget your neck and neckline. Don’t leave the mask on your face too long, because doing so will negate the positive effects of the product.

You don’t need to use a sheet mask more than once a week. Cleanse your skin first and then apply the sheet mask. If you want, you can use a day cream afterwards to end your beauty ritual.

This is an ideal mask to take on holiday with you, no dragging big jars around, no messing about with all kinds of creams. What’s more, to ensure that the highly active ingredients remain at their most effective, each sheet mask is individually wrapped in airtight packaging.

How does it benefit the skin?

The main purpose of a sheet mask is intense hydration of the skin.

Obviously, we also provide sheet masks at Thermae Boetfort and Thermae Grimbergen! They are part of a special facial treatment and you can buy them at reception for use at home. You have a choice between a cryo or collagen mask. The former is perfect for dry skin that needs hydration and soothing. The latter provides firming, boosts natural collagen levels and reduces fine lines.


All our products are from our house brand Sirène, a line of care products from a Belgian laboratory, especially designed for us. These products are only for sale at the receptions of Thermae Boetfort, Thermae Grimbergen and Thermae Sports Merchtem.