Private sauna

In Thermae Grimbergen you can currently book five different private saunas. Because of the corona measures, our public baths are closed to the general public, but you can rent them as private saunas until they reopen! A unique opportunity!

Back to wellness: the bathing suit area of Thermae Grimbergen is temporarily transformed into a special private sauna with two saunas, one of which is equipped with infrared therapy, a floating room where you can discover the benefits of floating on salt water, two swimming pools and a relaxation pool (prices from 135 euros).

Back to nature:  you can temporarily rent the garden of the nude part of Thermae Grimbergen as a luxurious private sauna! You can relax in the green and enjoy two saunas, the beautiful swimming pond, a relaxation area and the special view of the Abbey of Grimbergen (prices from 119 euros).

Back to relax : A second part of the nude area of Thermae Grimbergen has temporarily been transformed into a private oasis. Whether you like to put your feet in warm water, make a splash in a heated pool, seek the heat of a unique sauna or simply dream away in a lovely hot bath, our Back to relax private sauna has it all! (prices starting at 135 euros)

Also our traditional private saunas Cleopatra and Yasmine are still available for you (prices starting at 95 euros). You will find a unique combination sauna that combines Finnish sauna techniques with infrared therapy and a blissful relaxation bath. There is also a heated resting bench.

The private saunas Cleopatra, Yasmine, Back to relax, Back to nature and Back to wellness are open every day from 9am to 10pm.

Why not make it a mini-holiday by booking the private sauna in combination with an overnight stay at the beautiful Thermae Grimbergen Hotel or plan a real wellness day by combining the private sauna with one or more massages, body or facial treatments!

According to the Ministerial Decree of 06/03/2021, private saunas are allowed to open again, but steam rooms, hammams and jacuzzis cannot be used and private saunas must be used by persons of the same household or persons who maintain a lasting contact.

Want to surprise someone? Give them a Thermae Grimbergen gift voucher

You choose the gift voucher amount which the recipient is free to spend as they wish at both Thermae Boetfort and Thermae Grimbergen. You can put together your day of wellness to your own liking. Gift vouchers are always valid for six months. 

You can fully personalise your gift voucher with a message for the recipient and a layout with your chosen design.

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