Private sauna

At Thermae Grimbergen, you can rent two different private saunas. They both include a jacuzzi, a steam bath, and a unique combined sauna. This combined sauna was developed by us and represents a mix of an infrared sauna and a regular sauna. In the private sauna, you can also enjoy a massage during your moment of relaxation. Especially the Hammam massage is very popular. Take a look at our other possibilities on our website. We recommend that you book facial treatments right before or after your session in the private sauna. You can change in the cloakroom, where a separate dressing room is provided for you.

The private saunas are open from 9h30 to 23h00t. Reservations can be made quickly and easily online if you only want to book a few hours in the private sauna. 

Why not make it a mini-holiday by booking the private sauna in combination with an overnight stay at the beautiful Thermae Grimbergen Hotel or plan a real wellness day by combining the private sauna with one or more massages, body or facial treatments

If you want to book a package combining private sauna with one or more treatments or an overnight stay, we ask you to call* 02 270 81 96 or book via the contact page.

*When making a reservation for the private sauna, we ask for a credit card number or a gift voucher of the same value to confirm the reservation. Payment will be made on the spot.


Want to surprise someone? Give them a Thermae Grimbergen gift voucher

You choose the gift voucher amount which the recipient is free to spend as they wish at both Thermae Boetfort and Thermae Grimbergen. You can put together your day of wellness to your own liking. Gift vouchers are always valid for one year. 

You can fully personalise your gift voucher with a message for the recipient and a layout with your chosen design.