General conditions

1       General

1.1      Thermae.com identity and contact details

Atlantis d'E BVBA
Wolvertemsesteenweg 74
1850 Grimbergen
Business number: 0456 442 111

Thermae.com is the commercial group comprising Thermae Boetfort "TB", Thermae Boetfort Hotel "TBH", Thermae Grimbergen "TG", Thermae Grimbergen Hotel "TGH" and Privé Sauna Lagoon "PSL".

All commercial relations between one or more visitors to or users of the facilities of Thermae.com (Atlantis d'E BVBA), hereinafter referred to as "THERMAE", are governed automatically and ipso jure by these contractual conditions, to the exclusion of all others.

1.2      Special offers and promotions

Special offers and promotions are always limited in time and, as regards the sale of moveable property, only while stocks last. Any special offers and/or promotions may never be combined with any discounts granted by THERMAE.

1.3      Conformity

Our facilities comply with the applicable standards and guidelines. All the undertakings of THERMAE are best-effort undertakings and may never be interpreted as performance undertakings in any way whatsoever. THERMAE attaches a great deal of importance to cleanliness and hygiene and we expect visitors and users to make every necessary effort, in the interests of all concerned, to respect this at all times and cooperate fully in this respect.

2       Reservations

2.1      Means of making reservations

Reservations can be made in various ways. Each form of reservation implies automatically and ipso jure that you declare your agreement with the application of these contractual conditions.

Making reservations:

·      Sauna: not applicable

·      Beauty & Massage: by telephone or fill in the contact form

·      Packages: by telephone or fill in the contact form

·      Hotel rooms: by telephone or fill in the contact form

·      Private sauna: by telephone or on line (private sauna Lagoon or Zen / private sauna Cleopatre or Yasmine)

2.2      Advances

Reservations for Packages with hotel accommodation, Hotel Rooms or Private Sauna facilities are noted as firm by THERMAE payment reservation by credit card by our services.

A payment reservation is a temporary provision on your credit card. No amount is credited when this is made. In the event of late cancellation or a no-show, this payment reservation can be converted into an actual sale.

No advances are requested or charged for sauna, beauty & massage or packages without hotel accommodation.

If you have a gift voucher, you simply need to give the number and description of the gift voucher. If the appointment is not kept, then the gift voucher lapses.

3       Cancellations and no-show

3.1      Cancellation conditions

Reservations for Beauty & Massage, Packages, Hotel Rooms or Private Sauna facilities are subject to the same cancellation conditions.

Cancellations can be made 48 hours before the appointment. If an appointment is not cancelled within this period or if the client does not appear (no-show), the full amount of the reservation remains due.

In the event of late cancellation or no-show, THERMAE retains the reservation fee permanently and irrevocably as compensation for the administrative costs incurred. In that case, the user or visitor concerned can neither assert any rights in respect of THERMAE nor reclaim the reservation fee.

In the event of cancellation on time, the reservation fee is refunded by means of a transfer to your bank account.

3.2      Appointments without reservation fee

Appointments for services for which no reservation fee applies can also be cancelled 48 hours in advance without additional costs. In the event of cancellations made after this period, or if the client does not appear (no-show), the amount of the reservation remains payable in full.

3.3      Cancellation/refund of purchase

According to the online and distance selling regulations, when you buy something at a distance (e.g. in our online shop), you have a legal 14-day cooling off period during which you have the right to cancel your purchase. Unfortunately, you can no longer cancel your purchase after this period has expired. This 14-day cooling-off period does not apply to purchases made at our centres.

4       Payment of the balance after use

The balance remaining payable after deduction of the reservation fee paid at the end of the period of use, including costs of treatments received, drinks and snacks ordered, should preferably be paid in cash immediately upon leaving the THERMAE facilities, or settled immediately by bank card or credit card. Non-payment or late payment gives rise automatically and ipso jure, without prior formal notice, to compensation in favour of THERMAE amounting to 10 % of the balance thus still payable, with a minimum of EUR 50, and less the interest on arrears at the usually legal interest rate which is also payable automatically and ipso jure as of the time the payment falls due. The amount thus still owed should be received in our account number 734-1234567-57 within seven calendar days, otherwise we reserve the right, if need be, to proceed with a forced collection.

5       Gift vouchers

5.1      Ordering gift vouchers

Gift vouchers can be ordered and paid for in the following ways:

·      Ordered at reception, paid for in cash, by bank card or credit card. The gift voucher is handed over immediately.

·      Ordered by telephone, paid for by credit card, with the amount increased by the postage costs. The gift voucher is sent by recorded delivery.

·      Ordered by e-mail, paid for by bank transfer or credit card, with the amount increased by the postage costs. The gift voucher is sent by recorded delivery.

·      Ordered via the internet, paid for via KBC Online, ING Homepay, Belfius Directnet, Visa, Mastercard or transfer. You have the choice between receiving the voucher by e-mail immediately upon payment or receiving it by recorded delivery. If you opt to receive the voucher by recorded delivery, the amount is increased by the postage costs.

·      If you buy a gift voucher in our online shop, at our reception or any other way: it’s NOT a reservation. For treatments, packages, overnight stays, … you still need to make a reservation in advance. You can only make a reservation by phone. Thermae Boetfort: 02/759.81.96. Thermae Grimbergen: 02/270.81.96.


5.2      Numbering and issue

The gift vouchers are numbered. May we ask you to inform the recipient of the gift voucher that, when redeeming the gift voucher and on the occasion of a prior reservation, he or she should preferably provide the corresponding number and description of the gift voucher in order to avoid any errors.

The gift voucher is a means of payment by the user or visitor and should be presented upon entering our facilities. Without a gift voucher, the user or visitor has no valid proof of payment and will have to pay the full amount of the reservation, plus any additional treatments and refreshments ordered. The period of validity of the gift voucher remains unchanged.

5.3      Validity

The THERMAE gift vouchers are valid for 12 calendar months as of the day of issue. No compensation can be offered after the expiry date. This period can only be extended in the event of long-term illness, upon presentation of a medical certificate.

5.4      Loss or theft

The gift vouch is the proof of payment of the user or visitor and should be presented upon entering our facilities. In the event of loss or theft, the client or user is not entitled to any financial compensation or exchange. 

5.5      Exchange

Gift vouchers will not be refunded in cash. Purchased gift vouchers retain their original value. If reservations are made for a different type of package than mentioned on the gift voucher, the value of the booked package (+ any additional treatments and refreshments) will be deducted from the value of the voucher. 

6       Children and young people

Children are allowed in our centre from 6 years onwards. They have to respect the serenity of the centre and are permanently under the responsibility of their parents. We will ask you to sign an agreement upon your arrival

Children and young people up to the age of18 are always accompanied by at least one adult person of age, who is at least 21 years old. The adult or adults accompanying children or young people up to the age of 18 are deemed to be the legal representatives of the aforementioned children and young people, or at least to have received the presumed authorisation of the individual or individuals exercising parental authority or the equivalent over the aforementioned children or young people. THERMAE cannot be obliged or presumed to undertake the necessary advance checks in this matter.

Should THERMAE or any members of its staff suspect any serious indication of infringements of the above, THERMAE and its staff reserve the right to refuse both the children and young people referred to above and the accompanying adult or adults as referred to above access to the facilities. In this case, however, the balance owed remains payable and the procedures laid down in section 3 will be applied.

7       Liability in the event of lost items, theft and possible accidents

THERMAE can never be held liable for any accidents in the THERMAE facilities and this also applies for any accidents in the car park and access routes to the THERMAE facilities.

Nor is THERMAE responsible for loss off or damage to the personal property of visitors or users, including vandalism, theft, wrongful use or consumption, or for (in)voluntary blows or injury caused by third parties for whom THERMAE does not have to take responsibility. This list is not exhaustive. One month after visit, uncollected lost items are donated to charity.

8       Temporary right of use in return for payment

The users of and visitors to the THERMAE facilities are entitled to unhindered and uninterrupted use of the facilities they have reserved in return for payment of the agreed price, full details of which are available both at our reception and on our website. Exceptions apply, however, when for safety reasons or owing to urgent necessity or intervention, an interruption is essential, in which case THERMAE will make every effort to deal with the interruption and corresponding disruption as quickly as possible. In the event of force majeure, the users and/or visitors are not entitled to a refund of the price paid, and this cannot give rise to any other rights at the expense of THERMAE.

9       Hygiene, health and safety

Before you make use in privacy of our wellness facilities, in the interests of everyone and not least of you yourself, it is obligatory to take a thorough shower and to disinfect your feet properly.

THERMAE relies on the fact that you use all aspects of our facilities with due diligence, acting with reasonable circumspection, and that you endeavour to avoid accidents or injury at all times. THERMAE attaches great importance to safety and hygiene and we expect exactly the same of users and visitors, in the interest of everyone and not least of you yourself.

The facilities that you can enjoy in private are not in any way areas for play, nor were they designed or created for that purpose. Diving into the water from the edge or engaging in any type of ball games is forbidden at all times.

The user should also remember that the facilities provided by us are to be considered as wet rooms, in which the stone structures above all, such as the floor coverings in particular, can always pose a danger of slipping or loss of balance due to wetness or a film of water caused by condensation, which means that appropriate caution and shower slippers are required at all times. The use of shower slippers is compulsory. If the user does not have his or her own shower slippers, these can be hired or purchased.

We don’t offer advice regarding a visit to the sauna when you have health problems and/or when you’re pregnant. Always talk to your physician for personal advice..

10   House rules and internal guidelines

To ensure harmonious relaxation, please abide by the following rules:

  • Please remain composed and quiet in the thermae and do not disrupt the rest of other visitors.
  • Abide by the textile rules and always take a shower upon arriving in the public or private thermae and after using the toilet. 
  • There are two fully separated areas: a swimwear and a nude area. In the nude area, you obviously enjoy our sauna and wellness facilities in the nude, but you do need to wear a bathrobe when moving around the wellness centre. In the swimwear area, suitable swimwear is required. Men: loose and/or long swim shorts are not allowed, only short, close-fitting swim briefs (e.g. Speedo) can be worn. Women: only bathing suits and bikinis are allowed. Strings and full-body swimwear are not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to bring you own food and drink with you or to consume this in our facilities.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in our facilities. If you smoke outside, please only do so in the designated areas places and put out the butts in the facilities provided for this purpose at the main entrance.  
  • You may only use transparent, plastic bags in the thermae, and both mobile phones and cameras are forbidden.
  • Physical contact is absolutely forbidden in the public thermae!
  • It is forbidden at all times to add alien products or supplementary substances in or to any part of the THERMAE facilities or to apply them, in particular in or to the swimming pools or whirlpools.
  • Should any damage – even unintentional – be caused to the THERMAE facilities, THERMAE reserves the right to claim appropriate compensation for this from the users or the visitors who have caused the damage and/or those who should be responsible for them, or, and simply upon presentation of a corresponding invoice, to have the damage or the damaged part restored immediately at the cost of the users or the visitors and/or those who should be responsible for them and who have caused this damage, among other things in order to limit the damage as much as possible.

The management is entitled to refuse admission to any person who appears to pose a danger for the safety and the health of those present (drunkenness, disturbance of the peace, failure to comply with these regulations, etc.).

Read the internal regulation.

11       Applicable law

Belgian internal law applies at all times. Any disputes will preferably be settled out of court and on the basis of a reasonable and balanced approach; otherwise the courts of the justice of the peace of Grimbergen are competent to hear and rule on disputes and arguments of any kind.

12       Cookies statement

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12.1      What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites in order to improve your user experience. We use cookies to personalize content and advertisements, to enable social media functions and to analyze our web traffic. We also share information about your use of our website with our social media and advertisement partners for analysis.

In compliance with the law, we are allowed to store cookies on your device if they are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. For all other kinds of cookies, we need your agreement.

This website uses different kinds of first and third party cookies.

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12.2      What happens when I disable cookies?

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13       Privacy Statement

THERMAE processes personal information in compliance with this privacy statement. For further information, questions or comments on our privacy policy, please contact the following email address: privacy@thermae.com. 

13.1      Purposes of the processing

THERMAE collects and processes customers’ personal data for customer and order management (customer administration, order/delivery follow-up, invoicing, solvency follow-up, and the sending of marketing and personalised advertising. More specifically, this concerns saving the last and first name, telephone number, email address, language preference and address from the client as well as in certain situations a credit card number and expiration date. These data are used to make reservations and if necessary to contact the client. We also ask certain data during the registration procedure for our newsletter and birthday special on our website. These data will only be used for the aforementioned purposes. Lastly, we retain the right to communicate a client’s personal data to the members of the Sauna Association of Belgium in case of severe misconduct included, but not limited to: disrespect of the interior house rules, violent behaviour and inappropriate physical contact. This to maintain and guarantee the safety of all visitors of wellness centres who have a membership to the Sauna Association of Belgium.

13.2      Legal foundation for the processing

Personal data is processed based on Article 6.1.

(a) consent;

(b) required for the implementation of an agreement;

of the General Data Protection Act.

Insofar as the processing of personal data takes place based on Article 6.1. a) (consent), customers always have the right to withdraw the given consent.

The customers’ personal data will only be processed for internal marketing goals inside THERMAE and they will only be transferred to external partners who assist THERMAE in stocking and safeguarding these data.

13.3      Retention period

Personal data processed for customer management will be stored for the time necessary to satisfy legal requirements (in terms of bookkeeping, among others).

13.4      Right to inspection, improvement, deletion, limitation, objection and transferability of personal data

The customer has at all times the right to inspect their personal data and can have it improved/improve it should it be incorrect or incomplete, have it removed, limit its processing an object to the processing of their personal data based on Article 6.1 (f), including profiling based on said provisions.

Furthermore, the customer is entitled to obtain a copy (in a structured, standard and mechanically readable form) of their personal data and to have said personal data forwarded to another company.

In order to exercise the aforementioned rights, the customer is requested to:

  • Send an email the following address: privacy@thermae.com.

13.5      Direct marketing

The customer is entitled to object free of charge to the processing of any processing of their personal data aimed at direct marketing.

13.6      Complaint

The customer has the right to file a complaint with the Belgian Privacy Protection Commission (35 Rue de la Presse, 1000 Brussels - commission@privacycommission.be).