Wellness programme

Daily all-in experiences

At Thermae Boetfort, we provide an extensive daily experience programme. During the sauna sessions, our aufguss master takes you on a scented journey with ice crystals on the hot stones. He or she waves a towel around for the ultimate heat sensation. It promises to be a unique experience. During the scrub sessions, you are given a handful of scrubbing salt with which you can do your own cleansing scrub while enjoying the flapping of the towel. At the same time, essential oil will be poured on the hot stones which, due to the heat, quickly spreads throughout the room.

Immerse yourself in a singing bowls session. In nice weather, this takes place outside in the garden; otherwise, in one of the saunas.

Finally, you can also take part in a halotherapy session, a unique wellness experience in our stunning salt room. The walls, ceiling and floor are covered in different Himalayan salts, creating their own microclimate, and medicinal salt is dispersed into the room. It is heated through Far Infrared, a type of infrared rays that are invisible to the naked eye. Interesting fact, halotherapy is a natural way to boost your immune system! 

Discover the daily programme here!

This schedule can vary at any time and due to unforeseen circumstances can change on the day itself. You can consult the current schedule on site on TV screens spread throughout the thermal baths.