Feel like getting pampered with a blissful massage, a facial treatment or a body treatment? The Thermae Boetfort is just the place for you!

Our staff’s training is regularly updated, so that they can offer you the latest treatments. The beauty treatments are always carried out by women. Massages are performed by both men and women. Do you have a preference for a man, woman or a particular therapist? Please mention this at the reception, and insofar as this is possible, we will book you with the right therapist.

Those planning on visiting Thermae Boetfort plant and interested in booking a treatment are advised to call in advance. Once there, you can still inquire at the reception whether there are any free spots.

Still not sure whether you want to book? Please take a look at our recommendations! There, you can find the most frequently booked massages and beauty treatments.

Extra treatment?

It is also possible to book a treatment at Thermae Boetfort, without use of the thermal baths. Make sure that you arrive in time, so that you can first check in at the reception.

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