The ideal business location

Thermae Boetfort not only guarantees a couple of days of sheer pampering, but it also likes to go all out for its business customers. There is no doubt that you and your business will find the unique, centuries-old castle domain to your liking. In addition to its wellness facilities, there are no less than 26 hotel rooms and two conference rooms. You will have no trouble finding a parking spot just a few steps from the hotel and conference building. Because a meeting or a teambuilding session is different for every company, we like to take the time to walk you through the different possibilities!


Large conference room

Ideal for presentations 

The large conference room at Thermae Boetfort is located in the hotel building and offers room to no fewer than 50 persons. When this room was built, special attention was paid to sufficient natural daylight entering the room, because it improves the mood and the productivity of the people in it. The layout of this room can be arranged in accordance with the specifics of your seminar.

 Specific characteristics

  • Flatscreen presentation TV and beamer with projection screen (HD)
  • Access to the terrace
  • Opportunity for a buffet
  • Lounge corner and standing tables
  • Wireless internet, as well as network and power connections.
  • Flipcharts.
  • Sanitary facilities.
  • Fridge.
  • Air-conditioning.

Small conference room

Ideal for small groups and brainstorming sessions

The small conference room can seat 12 people, ideal for brainstorming sessions of small group meetings, in which interaction between the different participants is essential, and is possible thanks to the seating layout around one large table. This does not mean that those hiring the room cannot arrange the room to their own liking, needs or wishes.

 Specific characteristics

  • Peaceful space
  • Flatscreen presentation TV
  • Toilet and shower
  • Flipcharts.
  • Sanitary facilities.
  • Fridge.
  • Air-conditioning.

Request an offer

Send your request to incentives@thermae.com, stating your expectations (and proposed schedule) of your business visit to Thermae Boetfort, and we will make you a customised offer.

Request an offer


Meetings are possible for both large and small groups, at the times of your choosing, with drinks and snacks, a delicious lunch or dinner, possibly in combination with a couple of hours of wellness!



Because not everybody is jumping up and down at the chance of enjoying wellness in a group naked, Thermae Boetfort also has a beautiful bathing suit section with an outdoor terrace and two private saunas for a comfortable get-together!



Pamper your employees with a wellness gift voucher, because day after day they do their utmost. These vouchers are available from a low price and they offer fiscal advantages!