Moenia - nude area

Nude area

Moenia includes all sauna and wellness facilities exclusively for those who prefer to enjoy wellness entirely nude. Bathing clothing is strictly forbidden in this section. You can relax in no less than seven different saunas with temperatures between 50° and 90°C. A swimming pool, two jacuzzis, a relaxation bath, an ice-cold plunge pool, different relaxation rooms, and warm and cold showers complete the picture. 

The inner man can be fortified at the restaurant on the main floor, and those just out for a drink can repair to the Silence bar in the domain’s former stables. Be sure to visit the upper floor of this bar; it is adorned with unique, wooden loungers for completely dreaming away for a while.

Every day, we offer an eventful programme at the naked section of Thermae Boetfort. Visitors to our thermal baths can take part in different Aufguss and scrubbing sessions between 11h30 and 22h30.

If the weather allows it, you can also sunbathe in the centuries-old park or on the large terrace by the swimming pool.

Castle sauna

The sauna’s temperature is 75°C.

In the Castle Sauna you cannot only enjoy the magnificent view of the castle and garden, but you can also enjoy our daily Aufguss sessions. It’s the largest sauna, which makes it ideal for our showcase Aufguss sessions.


Salt stone sauna

The sauna’s temperature is 65°C.

The walls of this unique sauna are made completely of salt crystals. Heating the cabin makes these stones emit different minerals, such as salt which purifies the air. Iodine improves the metabolism and calcium will help with joint problems.


Sauna of whispers (Eucalyptus)

The sauna’s temperature is 80°C.

At a temperature of 80°C, this traditional Finnish sauna is the ideal spot for the more experienced sauna visitor. Eucalyptus is not only beneficial for your respiratory system, it is also a disinfectant and an antiseptic. In addition, it has strengthening properties, boosting your resistance.

To guarantee the silence in all our other saunas, we would like to test this one as the SAUNA OF WHISPERS. Here is the only sauna where you can talk to each other, in a calm and soft manner.

  • Traditional, Finnish sauna.
  • A dry sauna is more tolerable than a wet sauna.

Ice Cave Sauna

The sauna’s temperature is 70°C.

Go in search of the Ice Cave Sauna in the park at Thermae Boetfort. This sauna is partly located underground and partly hidden in park land. The temperature is comfortable, so that it is the perfect ending to a day of wellness.

  • The Ice Cave Sauna is located in the former ice cellar of the castle.
  • The closest cold showers are at the Mine Sauna.


Mine Sauna

The sauna’s a temperature is 85°C.

This underground sauna takes you to the coal mines of yesteryear. Through a long wooden corridor with ambient lighting you reach the large and cosy Mine Sauna. You can cool down under the cold shower or in the open-air cold plunge bath.

  • Here you can enjoy a daily Aufguss session.

Four-therapy sauna

No less than four different therapies have been incorporated in this beautiful, custom-made sauna. Two types of infra-red panels, softly changing coloured lights and a floor filled with salt crystals have an optimal effect on body and soul. 

This sauna has to be entered barefoot. The infra-red rays have a positive effect on aching muscles and joints. Salt crystals clear the air and have a healing effect on respiratory and skin problems.


Steam bath

The main difference between a sauna and a steam bath is the humidity, which is at a 100% in a hammam cabin. Therefore, you walk into a room practically entirely filled with steam. The influence of this steam makes for a more difficult cooling down of the body.

In the steam bath you don’t sit on a towel. You clean your place on the stone benches by means of a water hose.

  • Here you can participate in daily scrub sessions.


The jacuzzis at Thermae Boetfort are custom-made and every seat is different. Thanks to the massage jets, you enjoy a wonderful water massage. The warmth of the bath makes your heart beat faster, which improves your blood circulation and your muscles receive more oxygen.


Relaxation bath

The relaxation bath is located on the terrace. The water temperature is about 36°C, perfect for resting and enjoying what warm water does for your body. The warmth makes your heart beat faster, causing oxygen and nutrients to circulate better around your body.


Outdoor swimming pool

In water, your body weighs 90% less, so it is a friendly way of moving for your muscles and joints, which makes it ideal to relax. It is good for your heart, reduces stress, increases self-confidence and it promotes sound sleep.

Footbath with heated benches

After a cold shower your body needs to be warmed up again. A footbath of a quarter of an hour is ideal. Your blood flow will be smoother, ensuring that nutrients and oxygen are better transported throughout the body.



There are two terraces in the nude section of Thermae Boetfort. At the rear of the castle, you can enjoy a snack and/or drink in the sun. Next to the swimming pool, you can relax on one of the numerous sunbeds. You can order at the Silence bar.


Silence bar

Feel like a delicious cocktail or some homemade lemonade? Then go to the Silence bar! On ground level you can cosily enjoy sitting at a table; on the upper floor you can relax and enjoy the silence on one of the wooden loungers.


Cold plunge pool

The cold plunge pool is for the real daredevils. Those who want to cool down even more after a cold shower can immerse themselves completely in the plunge pool. Do not forget your head! Dry yourself thoroughly with a towel afterwards, and wait half an hour before diving into another sauna.

The cold plunge pool is located next to the Mine Sauna, and it is outdoors.

First a cold shower and then the cold plunge pool. After cooling down, take a half-hour break before starting the next warming-up session.


Relaxation area

It is important to take the time to cool down properly in between two sauna sessions, to take some rest, and then slowly start to warm up again. In the relaxation area next to the entrance of the swimming pool, you can find heated, stone loungers.



For hygiene reasons, we require every visitor to shower thoroughly at the start of the day of wellness. You can find several cold and hot showers near the saunas. Don’t forget to shower after each sauna and toilet visit.