Multi-visit pass (50)

  • € 1 390,00 (p.p.)

With this multi-entrance card you get 50 times access to Thermae Boetfort or Thermae Grimbergen.

Moreover, Multi-visit cards are not personal, so you can share yours with your partner, friends, family … And it doesn’t expire, so there’s no need for rushing to use it within a set period of time.

Want to surprise someone? Give them a Thermae Boetfort gift voucher

You choose the gift voucher amount which the recipient is free to spend as they wish at both Thermae Boetfort and Thermae Grimbergen. You can put together your day of wellness to your own liking. Gift vouchers are always valid for one year.

You can fully personalise your gift voucher with a message for the recipient and a layout with your chosen design.