Private sauna

At Thermae Boetfort you can currently relax completely in one of our three private saunas. Because of the corona measures, our public baths are closed to the general public, but you can rent them as private saunas until they reopen! A special experience.

Back to the castle: the bathing suit area has been transformed into a private sauna. You can enjoy infrared therapy in the lakonium, take a sauna bath in the light therapy sauna or music sauna, relax in the heated foot bath or in the relaxation pool inside or outside and of course splash around in the heated outdoor pool. There are relaxation beds both inside and outside. And of course there are hot and cold showers.

The nude area of Thermae Boetfort was temporarily converted into two different private saunas. Back to the garden includes part of the park, the Castle Sauna with its cold and hot showers, the infrared sauna, the relaxation pool, half of the large pool (attention, without stairs), a relaxation area in the garden with sun beds and sanitary facilities. In Back to the source you have the Salt Stone Sauna and the Eucalyptus Sauna, a relaxation pool, a heated footbath, an indoor relaxation area, a part of the park and the other half of the large pool. Of course, there are also hot and cold showers and sanitary facilities.

Please note: these two private saunas are partly shared: the swimming pool areas are only separated by a rope and the park is available to customers of both private saunas. Mutual contact is strictly forbidden and the current corona measures (social distancing) must be followed. The other facilities are separate and may not be used interchangeably.

Our private saunas Lagoon and Zen are also still there, of course. The first was decorated exotically with beautiful murals and the second was given a sleek look with a large mosaic as an eye-catcher. In both private saunas you will find a swimming pool, infrared therapy, sauna, relaxation room, hot and cold showers, ....

According to the Ministerial Decree of 06/03/2021, private saunas are allowed to open again, but steam rooms, hammams and jacuzzis cannot be used and private saunas must be used by persons of the same household or persons who maintain a lasting contact.

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