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Win a microcryotherapy facial treatment

 - Beauty Clinic

Microcryotherapy is a combination of microdermabrasion and cryotherapy. First, our beauty therapist gives your skin a deep cleanse through a microcrystal peeling, a gentle exfoliation of the upper skin layer. 

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Welcome to the Thermae Club

 - General

If you are a member of our Thermae Club you will not only receive our newsletter with all the latest news on a regular basis, but you will also enjoy exclusive benefits. In the future we will pamper you with unique actions, fun gifts and you will be the first to get the chance to register for special events!  

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Connect with nature at Thermae Grimbergen

 - Health

Are you, like so many of us these days, constantly chasing your tail? Maybe you need a break from sensory overload? The hectic pace of everyday life can be all-consuming. During the week, we are busy at work, we rush around doing the housework and/or looking after the kids, and on weekends, we seem to be racing from the gym to yet another party. One way to relax is to connect with nature for a while, which according to scientific research can even boost our happiness!

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Summer savings

 - Promo

Hello summer! Treat yourself to a few hours of wellness at Thermae Grimbergen: maximum holiday fun at a minimum price!

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A day of sauna plus a massage for your birthday at a price-busting 49 euros, exclusively for our newsletter subscribers!

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