NEW: Mindful Moments

Make your sauna day extra special with a Mindful Moment

A day of sauna and wellness at the green wellness oasis at Thermae Grimbergen is all about relaxation. Make your wellness experience even more unique by trying one (or more) of our four Mindful Moments, the latest addition to our Wednesday wellness programme. During these sessions, our Zen master engages all your senses to give you the ultimate relaxation experience.

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Discover the four unique Mindful Moments below and choose your favourite experience!

Breathe & Relax

With just a few easy movements and simple breathing techniques, the Zen master teaches you how you can manipulate your own body and mind. This allows you to extend your range of motion, but it also teaches you to deal more efficiently with stressful situations in your daily life. He also helps improve your sauna behaviour, you will learn to use all your senses when having a sauna session. A unique, relaxing experience!

Breathe & Relax is given every Wednesday at 12:45 in the relaxation room next to the swimming lake and the Wood-fired sauna (in the garden of the nude area).


Sound healing

In this session, the Zen master uses Tibetan singing bowls. Every bowl is unique and produces its own distinct sound. Your body responds to both the sound and the vibrations created by these sounds. By playing the Tibetan singing bowls, the Zen master helps you reach a deep state of relaxation. Sound healing is special because it restores the balance between body and mind, clears emotional blockages and gives you an energy boost.

Sound healing is organised every Wednesday at 14:30 by our Zen master in the relaxation room (in the garden of the nude area) or in the garden when the weather is nice.



Smells have a huge influence on our daily lives. Not only does our sense of smell affect the way food tastes to us, delicious or disgusting; smells can also conjure up memories. The aromatherapy Mindful Moment taps into this. Our Zen master uses pure essential oils – each with its own unique properties and wonderful scent – to create an aromatic experience that is deeply relaxing, engaging all your senses. A truly mindful experience.

Aromatherapy is given by our Zen master every Wednesday at 17.15 in the Tibet sauna (nude area).


Tea and smoke ritual

Our Zen master picks his favourite tea blend of the day packed with vitamins to boost your immunity. He engages all your senses in the process, helping you relax completely. After this session, drinking a cup of tea will never be the same again! 

The Zen master also uses smoke and various scents to cleanse the room and your mind, which helps you reach a deeper state of relaxation. Trust us, you have never experienced a meditation like this! During this session, you will be completely in the here and now and all your stress really will melt away ...

Every Wednesday at 19.00 our Zen master gives a smoke and tea ritual. It takes place in the relaxation room in the garden of the nude area.