Functional & Circuit


SYNRGY Circuit

30 min.

Every week, our coaches provide various group lessons and interval training sessions around the two Synrgy360s. Thanks to the coach and your teammates, you will learn how to train in a smarter and more efficient way, regardless of your age, condition or objectives. The effect of good cooperation is larger than what you could achieve individually, hence the word ‘synergy’.


Cross Training

60 min.

Functional strength training is a type of training in which movements and exercises are linked to a variety of sports disciplines. By training in a functional way, you learn to improve how you carry out movements. This, in turn, will really help you in your everyday life. During this class, you will do all kinds of cardio, strength and flexibility exercises. In other words, this workout never gets boring. Young or old, serious or recreational exerciser, there is something for everyone here!