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This is how you shamelessly feast on Easter eggs!

 - Fitness

Can't resist those delicious Easter eggs either? With our handy overview, you know with which group class/activity you can get rid of them again!  

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11/03 Opening new studio!

 - General

It's almost here! On Monday, March 11, our brand new studio, the Harmony Studio , will open its doors. With a capacity of 50 people, this studio will be our largest yet. That means even more group class fun!

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 - Fitness

For cycling enthusiasts, our club has no less than three different types of spinning classes, namely Sprint, RPM and Indoor Cycling. The best way to discover them is of course on the Body Bike®, but below we give a brief explanation.

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Thermae Sports ladder competition

 - Tennis

Are you a member of Thermae Sports and enjoy playing tennis, but can't find any opponents? Then sign up for our ladder competition starting on Monday, February 5! Whether you're experienced or just starting out, the club ladder will help you find players of your level.

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