You are not alone

Because supporting you is key to us, you can take a seat with one of our certified coaches immediately after your registration. Your goals and medical background are analysed, on the basis of which your coach will draft a customised programme for you that you can execute independently in the fitness. Naturally, this programme is completely free of obligations. The coaches will follow up with you every 6 weeks to evaluate your progress and change your programme if necessary. Still have questions in the meantime? No worries! You can always approach the present fitness coach. He will do the best he can to help you.

Personal training

If you want to get results quickly and efficiently, then personal coaching is definitely the thing for you. Our personal coaches provide help with stress management, back training, building muscle, burning fat and lifestyle coaching. They are all certified and have completed different additional courses. What do they have in common? A positive attitude! Our coaches are keen to motivate you and make sure your goals are achieved. Drop by Thermae Sports for a chat, completely free of obligation, and find the perfect personal coach for you!

Personal coaching is NOT included in your membership.


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