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This HIIT (high-intensity interval training) Les Mills class is the perfect winter workout. Half an hour of serious leg-pumping exercise on our indoor bikes will have you burning an impressive 450 kcal per class.

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SPRINT is a minimal impact workout that pushes you beyond your limits, both physically and mentally. You will mostly be working your lower body, building muscle. Result? A more toned butt and legs. By the way, did you know that it has been scientifically proven that you burn an astonishing 9% more fat when doing an intense interval session compared to an ordinary workout?

The group class starts off with a good warm-up to prepare your muscles for the actual workout and reduce the risk of injury. Then, you are challenged to alternate periods of high intensity and different levels of resistance with periods of rest. Finally, we also do a cooldown with stretches to allow your body to relax and recover from the exertion. Fun fact: your body will continue to burn fat for several hours after the class has ended!

Suitable for?

You really don’t need to be a professional cyclist to take part in SPRINT. The class is accessible to people of all fitness levels because you can easily adjust the level of resistance of your bike yourself. That said, some exercise or fitness experience will help as this is an intense workout. Besides burning fat and building muscle, you will also exercise your heart during this class. It’s the perfect cardio workout for anyone training for a marathon or triathlon, for instance. But athletes who are recovering from a knee, hip or ankle injury can also incorporate SPRINT in their exercise regime. The risk of injury or accidents is much lower compared to, say, cycling outdoors. What’s more, you are in total control of the intensity of your workout because you set the level of resistance. 

What should you bring to the class? Wear comfortable workout clothes. You will definitely also need a towel and a bottle of water. Is this your first time? Ask the fitness instructor to help set up your bike to your size. That way, you can enjoy a comfortable workout.

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