Cardio & Aerobic


Les Mills Bodyattack

60 min.

BodyAttack is a sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy interval training combines athletic movement with aerobic strength and stabilisation exercises. Moreover, by taking part in this class you will also improve your coordination and flexibility.


Les Mills Bodycombat

60 min.

BodyCombat is a powerful cardio workout that completely loosens you up. This fierce and energetic programme is inspired by oriental martial arts and draws inspiration from a wide variety of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai. BodyCombat helps you to burn a lot of calories, but most importantly, it allows you to be completely yourself.


Les Mills Dance

45 min.

LES MILLS DANCE is a high-energy workout that will reinvent the way you move and sweat! 45-minutes, 10 stand-alone tracks, inspired by global dance genres and designed by dancers. 
Each class has innovative dance movements that work cohesively with music inspired from a wide variety of dance genres.

LES MILLS DANCE is simple to master and a great option for those who want to improve their dance skills while getting fit — or for anyone who loves to dance.


Les Mills Bodyjam

60 min.

BodyJam is the ultimate combination of music, culture and dance. If you want to dance, there’s nothing like it. BodyJam is the addictive mix of the newest dance styles with the coolest music. The fun and the cardio parts of BodyJam are equally important. Our funky instructors will teach you to move smoothly through this 55 minute class. Every new class is a refreshing dance experience, always up-to-date and hot!


Les Mills RPM

45 min. 

RPM is the indoor cycling workout in which you cycle to the rhythm of powerful music. Get on the trail with your inspiring instructor, who will lead the peloton through hills, plains, mountain tops, time trials and interval training. This interval principle ensures faster fat burning and better stamina.


Indoor cycling

60/45 min

Indoor cycling is a freestyle spinning workout. This means that there is no predetermined trail to be followed and the music and exercises have not been defined beforehand. Thus, the coach can bring more variation into the lesson and he can surprise the participants every time!

Swiss Jump

45 min.

Swissjump® is a new trend in the fitness world which originated in Switzerland. Purpose? To offer innovative and holistic workouts on a mini trampoline. We are organizing energetic Swissjump® classes that will make you sweat in a fun way.