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The do's and dont's at the gym explained.

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1. Hygiene and tidiness

a. Always use a towel when exercising.

b. Clean sweat from cardio equipment, benches and machines if necessary.

c. Always wear sports shoes when working out at the gym. Slippers are dangerous and     not permitted.

2. Cleaning up the equipment after use

a. Dumbbells back on the racks in order by weight.

b. Remove all discs from bars and apparatus and place them on the racks sorted by weight.

c. Place tools for the cable bridge in the box provided.

d. Do not move equipment from the upper floor to the ground floor or vice versa. These are separate areas.

e. Place the small equipment used (dumbbells, kettlebells, medecine balls, mats, stretchers, skipping ropes, hoops, steps, tubes, sticks, etc.) back into the designated place.

3. Use of equipment

a. Use the equipment for the exercise for which it was made. Tilting or moving the equipment is not permitted.

b. For apparatus with a built-in stack of weights, no additional weights may be may not be added. The cables are not provided for this kind of use.

c. Do not stay on devices you are not using.

4. Respect for other members

a. Use only one equipment at a time. Circuit setups that block multiple devices are not allowed.

b. Benches and devices are no storage space. Keep your cellphone, keys, headphones, bottles and other goodies with you and make sure they are not a nuisance to other members.

c. Make sure you do not block equipment when training with loose weights, mats, balls or other movable equipment.

d. Calling or surfing in the gym? That is allowed but not with the loudspeaker.

Thank you in advance for respecting this fitness etiquette when you visit our gym!


The team of Thermae Sports Merchtem

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